You might thawing your frozen meat the wrong way, here’s how to do it right

All meats are safe while they are frozen in the fridge. Freezing food is also a convenient way to save it, but thawing frozen meat is such a hassle. Thawing is primarily used for frozen meats, poultry and seafood as most vegetables can be cooked without thawing.

Trying to make dinner but not sure what to do with the frozen meat?

Since some cooks out there don’t know, you shouldn’t just leave your frozen meats in the counter itself. Leaving your food in the counter to defrost itself is in the danger zone where bacteria can easily propagate that can cause food contamination.

Below are 4 safest ways to thaw frozen meat from easiest to slowest.

1. Simply cooking it right away

Easiest way to thaw frozen meat

If you can’t wait to thaw your frozen meat, you can cook it right away. It’s the quickest method you can do. However, skipping the thawing method makes the cooking process longer than what is recommended or expected.

But you can make some simple techniques before cooking the frozen meat. For example, you can cut the meat to smaller pieces and adjusting the heat temperature or the fire of the stove to higher can do the cooking time a little bit fast. Just make sure you keep an eye in your food when cooking this way.

2. Using the microwave

Using microwave to thaw frozen meat

Defrosting frozen meat in microwave helps to jump start meal preparation. However, special care is needed to be sure you are thawing your food safely before and after. When you use the microwave as a thawing method, you’ll need to cook the meet immediately after it’s thawed. Why? You may expose the meat to warm temperatures that can encourage the growth of bacteria.

Before placing the food in the microwave, remove the food from its packaging before defrosting. Also, don’t use foam trays and plastic wraps because they are not heat resistant. And when thawing meat, be careful because you can accidentally cook some parts of it.

3. Thawing frozen meat in cold water

Best way to thaw frozen meat
Photo: Half Squeezed Lemon

Completely immerse the frozen meat in any container or bag with cold/ tap water only. Then make sure you seal or cover it so that bacteria from the surrounding will not contaminate the meat.

Change the water every 30 minutes until thawed. A pound of meat should take about an hour. A whole turkey will take about 30 minutes per pound. Once thawed, you must cook immediately.

4. The slowest but safest thawing method, leaving it in the fridge.

Best way to thaw frozen meat

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Leaving the frozen meat in the fridge until it’s completely thawed is absolutely the best way to thawing. This way, the meat is never in the temperature danger zone where bacteria can easily multiply.

Although letting the frozen meat in the fridge to thaw itself takes a very long hours of waiting, about 1 day or at least 24 hours, you’re sure about the safety of the food. Thawed poultry and seafood will stay good for 1-2 days while for red meat, it’s good for about 3 to 5 days. If it’s still good after thawing, you can refreeze it.

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