Consider eating this 5 fruits if you want to lose weight

Have you heard that drinking a lot of water instead of soda or sweetened drinks can help you lose weight and have better state of health? It really works, especially if you also eat foods that contain a lot of water, like fruits and veggies. In fact, recent studies found out that eating more fruits and vegetables may help you lose weight.

Sometimes, we think that most fruits are low-calorie and healthy food. Some eat many of these fruits for snacks and even instead of dinner. However, this is not correct and can be somehow dangerous to your health because some of them contain too much sugar. Also, eating the right amount of fruits or veggies must be reflected when you to lose weight and have a healthy body.

Below are 5 fruits that you need to consider eating when you want to lose weight or when you’re already fit and you want to keep that body shape. Most of these fruits are low-calorie which means it has lesser natural sugar and contains lot of water.


Healthy fruits to eat when losing body weight

Grapefruits has a powerful fat-burning qualities that’s why it’s called the number 1 fruit in fighting excess body weight. Grapefruit enzymes really help in processing body calories. No calorific meal (no more than 800 kcal) will damage your figure if you eat half a grapefruit with it.


Healthy fruits to eat when losing body weight

Strawberries have natural ingredients like vitamin C and fiber that can help fight body cellulites. These cellulites are fatty deposits beneath the skin of our body that give a lumpy or grainy appearance to the skin surface, especially on the thighs or buttocks.


Healthy fruits to eat when losing body weight

Eating watermelons and melons can quickly satisfy hunger or appetite completely. These fruits are also recommended to eat when undergoing body cleansing because it helps increased flow of urine. We know that most of the body dirt (that can form to deadly kidney stones) and bacteria are going out our bodies through urinating and excrement. Which means increased flow of urine can really help remove body toxins. These berries also contain fibers that help fight cellulite and acne. They’re a great help when it’s hot because it restores the water balance of our body.


Healthy fruits to eat when losing body weight

Apples are free of fats and it has energy value about 60-100 kcal that is why it’s called the best fitness fruit. Apple diet will not only help you lose weight but also improve your overall health. Apple also contains lot of fibers, antioxidants and gelling agents (called pectin) that can fight cellulites.


Healthy fruits to eat when losing body weight

Berries for weight loss like blueberries and raspberries may be your new summer slim down secret. There are so many health benefits of berries. Forrest berries are produce collagen and burn excess fat. They can help you lose weight and even help control blood sugar. Berries have low sugar content, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Eat them fresh as snack or breakfast, you can add theme along with oatmeal.

Note: Be sure you check a physician about your health status. Some people are allergic to berries and red fruits. And if you are allergic to them, there are still some alternative fruits that can help you lose weight like bananas, pears, avocados and even green salads. Again, have proper exercises like morning walk, running, and body stretching can really help, and eating too much of these fruits can’t help you lose weight.

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